Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stinky Tou Foo - OUG Pasar Malam (by Audrey)

As we know “Stinky Tou Foo” originally came from Hong Kong. Although I haven’ been there yet but I heard lots of peoples talking about it. Some said is very nice but some said is very stinky. I’m so curious about that, therefore last week Thursday I and my colleagues decided to go OUG pasar malam to have a tried and finally I knew it….

Although you can smell the stinky tou foo from far away but whenever you get closer to it, the smell is gone …amazing rite!!
More weird is the moment you put into your mouth the stinky smell has gone and the taste of tou foo is crispy. And don’t forget to add Picked vegetable on top of it.

For those who not dare to try, you should take up this challenge. I’m sure you will like it as others do in the picture. Anyway, no harm to try!!

For your information, below is the location where you can eat the Stinky Tou Foo.

a) Tuesday : Sri Petaling Pasar Malam
b) Wednesday : Connought Pasar Malam at Cheras, KL
c) Thursday : OUG Pasar Malam (Located at Steven Corner)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Keong Kei Bao Pin

After badminton, we headed to Keong Kei Bao Pin which located behind Berjaya Time Squares.

I‘ve passed by this stall plenty of times and every time I told my friends I must drop by here to try the soup in one day. However, I only got the chance to try this after 2 years.

We reach there around 8.40 pm. Yee and I initially plan to order the water fish soup. However, the staff over there informed us that water fish was out of stock recently. Sigh, we ended up to ordered the herbal soup, ginseng soup and old cucumber soup.

Ginseng Soup

I tried a full spoon of soup and found that the soup too bitter Apparently they put a lot of ginseng. I still can accept the bitter soup; however, my friends claimed that over bitter and said luckily they didn’t order it.

Old Cucumber Soup

The old cucumber soup was just average. My friend told us her mother’s soup was much better than this as she prefered the old cucumber soup with dry oyster.

Herbal Soup

I think the best soup of that night which was the herbal soup. It was not bitter and oily as my ginseng soup and it really worth to drink as they really not stingy to put the ingredients.

Other than soup, we also ordered the ‘mui choy kau yuk’, pork chicken, and vegetables.

mui choy kau yok

Nothing special for the ‘mui choy kau yok’. This ‘mui choy kau yok’ for me was just tasteless as I think they didn’t put enough seasonings inside. Some more, the pork was quite oily.

Pork Curry

The pork curry was nice. Luckily we orderd this, or else, I even cannot finish my rice. the curry sauce was really nice to pair with the rice. however, the potato was not soft enough.

As usual, we ordered the vegetables too.

The overall food served by 'keong kei' was quite good. only the service provided bt this stall was damn suck. my frieds and I really dissatified with the service as the staff was very rude when they serve customer.

Food – 3.5/5
Price – 3.5/5 (total bill RM 45 for 4 of us)
Environment – 2/5

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kahve Café – Kuchai Lama

My friends and I plan to have tea on Saturday nite. After meet with them, we decided go Kuchai Lama as that area got a lot of nice nice café available. Initially, we plan to go Papa Rich to have the cendol and my favorite mocha. My friend suggest me have a look around at K. Lama and search for other café instead of PapaRich.

Finally, we attracted by the Kahve Café which the design inside is nice. The main color of Kahve Café is based on white color and the lighting design is really romantic. It is really suitable for couple to dining in.

Mango Juice

Ice Cappuccino

The purpose we went there is just for tea and chit chat. So we just ordered the drinks and some snacks. The mango juice is totally disappointed us. As we thought it is the original fresh mango juice, unfortunately, is making from the instant mango juice which we can purchase from any supermarket. For the ice cappuccino, I found that that the 3 in 1 INSTANT cappuccino is much better. Oh my god!

Coconut Ice Blended

Finally, we found that only the coconut ice blended is worth and nice to drink. This ice blended is 100% made from the original fresh coconut. Even my friends ask the waiter don’t add any sugar inside, but it didn’t spoil the overall tasty of this ice blended, however, we can enjoyed the 100% no sugar added ice blended. I will rate 4/5 for this Coconut Ice Blended.

Mash Potato

Fried Chicken Wing

We are attracted by the Mash potato which was ordered by next table. Without think twice, we immediately order the Mash Potato and once of my friend suggest ordering chicken wing as well. Actually we didn’t put high expectation of the food& beverage from this café after we tried the drinks. However, when the Mash potato was served, the outlook already attracted us. The Mash Potato was full of the black pepper sauce (which I like those Mash Potato which has many sauces). I found the Mash Potato was awesome. It must try when got chance to visit this café.

Fried chicken wing was just average, nothing special, just like the normal chicken wing. The weird thing we found that which is the chef of this café keep on observed us when we took the chicken wing. Is it he wants to know how tasty of the chicken wing he cook base of our facial expression? Lol, please don’t expect any satisfaction expression from us since you served us this kind of average foods and drinks.

In conclusion, the environment for this café really nice and romantic. However for the overall dining experience, I will only rate 2/5 as it still got a lot of area to improve for the food & beverage served by this café.

Food – 1.5/5
Price – 3/5
Environment – 4/5

Hwa Kiew Yong Tau Foo - Peel Road, Cheras

After work at 1pm, immediately drive to Cheras to meet up my friend. We decided to have the Hwa Kiew Yong Tao Foo which located at Peel Road.
Quite long time didn't have the Yong Tao Foo at Hwa Kiew, When we reach there was already 1. 40 pm.

We ordered fried dumpling, fish ball, meat ball, Yong Tau Fo, goa bean, bean curd sheet, chinese spring roll and yong tao pok, fried oyster, mushroom and curry chicken. When the food served, we only noticed that my favorite mushroom and fried oyster was sold out. Got little bit disappointed. (Sigh, next time have to go there early) Well, I still enjoyed my lunch, the yong tou foo, fried dumpling; spring roll is really pretty nice. However, the bean curd sheet on that day just average due to quite soft (not crispy enough). Fish ball and meat ball nothing special, almost same with the normal fish ball and meat ball sell at outside shop.

I will rate 4.5/5 to the curry chicken. I can even take a bowl of rice with this curry chicken, the sauce was really nice, full with the lemon grass which is nice to cook curry.

Food – 4/5
Price – 3/5 (total bill RM 22.9 for both of me and my friend)
Environment – 2/5 (environment is quite hot and dirty. However, it still very pack and all the nice food was sold out very fast)

Full House – Ara Damasara

Celebrate my 23rd birthday with my dearest friends at Full House. The mainly selling point for Full house is the decoration inside. The Full House design is based on the real house which consists of dining room, wardrobe, bathroom, make up room and etc. the environment and decoration inside is really perfect. I and my friends keep on took photo at that nite. (Have to say sorry to the guy who was kept on waiting us to take the picture on that nite. Sorry for keep on ignoring you and keep you waiting us to take picture for that whole nite.)

I really forgot for the name of the food we ordered on that nite. The outlook of each dishes look nice and delicious. However, I found that the food was quite cold. (Actually is because when the food was served, we still busy took picture around the restaurant, haha). Anyhow, the food served by this restaurant is just average and come in small portion. For the price of this restaurant was quite expensive. I think this is because of the nice decoration of this restaurant.
Really thank you to my dearest friends which give me such a happy and wonderful 23rd birthday at Full House. I really appreciate and touching. Cheers!!!

~~ Sweet Moment ~~

Food – 3/5
Price – 3/5
Environment – 4.5/5

New Farmosa Restaurant – PJ SS2

I and my friends went to PJ to have our dinner. We decided to have our dinner at New Farmosa Restaurant which I hope to go long time. New Farmosa Restaurant is a Taiwanese style Chinese restaurant which operated by the Taiwanese.

The menu of this restaurant is extensive and varied, it consist almost 100 Chinese cuisines which included in different package. We end up chose the RM 68 package since we just have 4 peoples. RM 68 package included 4 drinks (We choose 2 herbal teas, 2 plum sour plum drinks and a pot of Chinese tea).

After waited for almost 1 hour, we served with ‘Taiwan Style Deep Fried Sesame Chicken’, ‘Cream eel’, ‘pork bone in sour plum style’ and bitter with egg yolk)

Taiwan Style Deep Fried Sesame Chicken

I like the Taiwan Deep Fried Sesame Chicken very much although I know this is high cholesterol food and a bit oily for me. However, I don’t care anymore, once the food served, I immediately try the chicken. It was really crispy and crunchy. I like the special sauce which use to dip with the sesame chicken, really nice !!!

Pork bone in sour plum style (Pai KuT)
I found that this ‘Pai Kut’ was pretty tasty. The meat was juicy. I happily to drenched my rice with it.

Bitter with egg yolk
Lady Boss at Farmosa Restaurant highly recommend this ‘Bitter with egg yolk’ to us. She told us that this dish was really nice and special. I found that this is really the perfect match when the bitter paired with egg yolk. Haha, I have to try to cook this bitter with yolk next time. Once I have success, I will post it on the blog and share with everybody. Hehe, good luck to me.

Cream eel

Actually the outlook of this cream eel was not nice for me. However, once I tried it, it really impressed me. This was my 1st time to try the ell which is in ‘cream’. Normally the eel we ate at outside which is Japanese Style. I really want praised the creative that the boss of New Farmosa Restaurant to create this ‘cream eel’. It was really nice and with a bit spicy. The taste was really unique. When we finished the eel, I still ate the crispy crème and the mint leaf, it was really pretty nice.

From left: Mua Chi, Green Tea Pudding
Our package entitled to choose any two desserts. We end up choosing the ‘mua chi’ and the Green Tea Pudding. We slightly disappointed with the ‘mua chi’ as we really put high expectation on it. The ‘mua chi’ was tasteless and the mua chi was not soft enough. Really disappointed. By the way, the Green Tea Pudding was awesome. It really full of original green tea flavor and it was not over sweet like the pudding we buy from outside. The most important thing which is the pudding was really 'Q'. I really like it very much.

When we finished our dinner and on the way walk out to restaurant, all of us attracted by the smell which is from next table. We saw the waitress cook something inside a stone pot. It really unique. We ask the lady boss what is this, the lady boss told us this is the ‘stone steamboat’ which very famous in their restaurant. Ok, I will go back to this restaurant to try the ‘stone steamboat’
Food – 4/5
Price – 3/5
Environment – 3.5