Saturday, October 17, 2009

Keong Kei Bao Pin

After badminton, we headed to Keong Kei Bao Pin which located behind Berjaya Time Squares.

I‘ve passed by this stall plenty of times and every time I told my friends I must drop by here to try the soup in one day. However, I only got the chance to try this after 2 years.

We reach there around 8.40 pm. Yee and I initially plan to order the water fish soup. However, the staff over there informed us that water fish was out of stock recently. Sigh, we ended up to ordered the herbal soup, ginseng soup and old cucumber soup.

Ginseng Soup

I tried a full spoon of soup and found that the soup too bitter Apparently they put a lot of ginseng. I still can accept the bitter soup; however, my friends claimed that over bitter and said luckily they didn’t order it.

Old Cucumber Soup

The old cucumber soup was just average. My friend told us her mother’s soup was much better than this as she prefered the old cucumber soup with dry oyster.

Herbal Soup

I think the best soup of that night which was the herbal soup. It was not bitter and oily as my ginseng soup and it really worth to drink as they really not stingy to put the ingredients.

Other than soup, we also ordered the ‘mui choy kau yuk’, pork chicken, and vegetables.

mui choy kau yok

Nothing special for the ‘mui choy kau yok’. This ‘mui choy kau yok’ for me was just tasteless as I think they didn’t put enough seasonings inside. Some more, the pork was quite oily.

Pork Curry

The pork curry was nice. Luckily we orderd this, or else, I even cannot finish my rice. the curry sauce was really nice to pair with the rice. however, the potato was not soft enough.

As usual, we ordered the vegetables too.

The overall food served by 'keong kei' was quite good. only the service provided bt this stall was damn suck. my frieds and I really dissatified with the service as the staff was very rude when they serve customer.

Food – 3.5/5
Price – 3.5/5 (total bill RM 45 for 4 of us)
Environment – 2/5


~*@*~ JoEy ~*@*~ said...

haha..u really like curry very much!! i m so interested on ur next post dy,hope u can show us more nice foods around KL!XD

cherry said...

hehe, yea Joey, i really write curry very very much, okok, i will try my best to explore more nice nice food at kl and post on my blog. thanks :)