Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hwa Kiew Yong Tau Foo - Peel Road, Cheras

After work at 1pm, immediately drive to Cheras to meet up my friend. We decided to have the Hwa Kiew Yong Tao Foo which located at Peel Road.
Quite long time didn't have the Yong Tao Foo at Hwa Kiew, When we reach there was already 1. 40 pm.

We ordered fried dumpling, fish ball, meat ball, Yong Tau Fo, goa bean, bean curd sheet, chinese spring roll and yong tao pok, fried oyster, mushroom and curry chicken. When the food served, we only noticed that my favorite mushroom and fried oyster was sold out. Got little bit disappointed. (Sigh, next time have to go there early) Well, I still enjoyed my lunch, the yong tou foo, fried dumpling; spring roll is really pretty nice. However, the bean curd sheet on that day just average due to quite soft (not crispy enough). Fish ball and meat ball nothing special, almost same with the normal fish ball and meat ball sell at outside shop.

I will rate 4.5/5 to the curry chicken. I can even take a bowl of rice with this curry chicken, the sauce was really nice, full with the lemon grass which is nice to cook curry.

Food – 4/5
Price – 3/5 (total bill RM 22.9 for both of me and my friend)
Environment – 2/5 (environment is quite hot and dirty. However, it still very pack and all the nice food was sold out very fast)

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