Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kahve Café – Kuchai Lama

My friends and I plan to have tea on Saturday nite. After meet with them, we decided go Kuchai Lama as that area got a lot of nice nice café available. Initially, we plan to go Papa Rich to have the cendol and my favorite mocha. My friend suggest me have a look around at K. Lama and search for other café instead of PapaRich.

Finally, we attracted by the Kahve Café which the design inside is nice. The main color of Kahve Café is based on white color and the lighting design is really romantic. It is really suitable for couple to dining in.

Mango Juice

Ice Cappuccino

The purpose we went there is just for tea and chit chat. So we just ordered the drinks and some snacks. The mango juice is totally disappointed us. As we thought it is the original fresh mango juice, unfortunately, is making from the instant mango juice which we can purchase from any supermarket. For the ice cappuccino, I found that that the 3 in 1 INSTANT cappuccino is much better. Oh my god!

Coconut Ice Blended

Finally, we found that only the coconut ice blended is worth and nice to drink. This ice blended is 100% made from the original fresh coconut. Even my friends ask the waiter don’t add any sugar inside, but it didn’t spoil the overall tasty of this ice blended, however, we can enjoyed the 100% no sugar added ice blended. I will rate 4/5 for this Coconut Ice Blended.

Mash Potato

Fried Chicken Wing

We are attracted by the Mash potato which was ordered by next table. Without think twice, we immediately order the Mash Potato and once of my friend suggest ordering chicken wing as well. Actually we didn’t put high expectation of the food& beverage from this café after we tried the drinks. However, when the Mash potato was served, the outlook already attracted us. The Mash Potato was full of the black pepper sauce (which I like those Mash Potato which has many sauces). I found the Mash Potato was awesome. It must try when got chance to visit this café.

Fried chicken wing was just average, nothing special, just like the normal chicken wing. The weird thing we found that which is the chef of this café keep on observed us when we took the chicken wing. Is it he wants to know how tasty of the chicken wing he cook base of our facial expression? Lol, please don’t expect any satisfaction expression from us since you served us this kind of average foods and drinks.

In conclusion, the environment for this café really nice and romantic. However for the overall dining experience, I will only rate 2/5 as it still got a lot of area to improve for the food & beverage served by this café.

Food – 1.5/5
Price – 3/5
Environment – 4/5

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