Thursday, October 8, 2009

Full House – Ara Damasara

Celebrate my 23rd birthday with my dearest friends at Full House. The mainly selling point for Full house is the decoration inside. The Full House design is based on the real house which consists of dining room, wardrobe, bathroom, make up room and etc. the environment and decoration inside is really perfect. I and my friends keep on took photo at that nite. (Have to say sorry to the guy who was kept on waiting us to take the picture on that nite. Sorry for keep on ignoring you and keep you waiting us to take picture for that whole nite.)

I really forgot for the name of the food we ordered on that nite. The outlook of each dishes look nice and delicious. However, I found that the food was quite cold. (Actually is because when the food was served, we still busy took picture around the restaurant, haha). Anyhow, the food served by this restaurant is just average and come in small portion. For the price of this restaurant was quite expensive. I think this is because of the nice decoration of this restaurant.
Really thank you to my dearest friends which give me such a happy and wonderful 23rd birthday at Full House. I really appreciate and touching. Cheers!!!

~~ Sweet Moment ~~

Food – 3/5
Price – 3/5
Environment – 4.5/5

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