Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stinky Tou Foo - OUG Pasar Malam (by Audrey)

As we know “Stinky Tou Foo” originally came from Hong Kong. Although I haven’ been there yet but I heard lots of peoples talking about it. Some said is very nice but some said is very stinky. I’m so curious about that, therefore last week Thursday I and my colleagues decided to go OUG pasar malam to have a tried and finally I knew it….

Although you can smell the stinky tou foo from far away but whenever you get closer to it, the smell is gone …amazing rite!!
More weird is the moment you put into your mouth the stinky smell has gone and the taste of tou foo is crispy. And don’t forget to add Picked vegetable on top of it.

For those who not dare to try, you should take up this challenge. I’m sure you will like it as others do in the picture. Anyway, no harm to try!!

For your information, below is the location where you can eat the Stinky Tou Foo.

a) Tuesday : Sri Petaling Pasar Malam
b) Wednesday : Connought Pasar Malam at Cheras, KL
c) Thursday : OUG Pasar Malam (Located at Steven Corner)

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Anonymous said...

Thank Audrey, hehe !!!!